A Trip to Jordan

World-class archaeological spots, incredible desert scenery, the welcoming people, the mouth-watering food and the morning rays that touch on the desert- there are so many reasons to visit Jordan. I have mentioned all the reasons that I experience by my own and what about you? So, whatever the reason is, Jordan is such a beautiful place to visit for a vacation. This is the perfect place whether you are going with your family or with your loved one.

When I went there first time, the first thing that I noticed was the archaeological sites through the road when we were going to the hotel. I was alone on the trip but like me, a guy was also traveled with me alone so when we were in the bus, I offered him snacks and then we got the amazing company. We travelled a lot together and had a lot of fun too.

I am from USA and he was from Turkey so he knows the language little bit of the local people of Jordan that’s why communicating with the local people was not the tough for both of us. He really helped me a lot in my journey.

When we went to the hotel, we noticed the design of interior and the exterior as well because the work that done on the walls was so meticulously. Not just the wall, every single things was so incredible even the dress was so unique. We were 17 strangers as tourists into the same hotel so we got to our hotel room one by one. After took a hot shower, our trip guide called us down the ladder so went there and I saw a beautiful table decorated by fruits and the mouth-watering food. The smell that came from the hall of food was so yummy.

The Amazing View of Treasury at Petra

Now it was the time to explore the beauty of Jordan and I took my camera along with me. We again got in the bus and then they took us to the treasury at Petra. The view of treasury at Petra was very unique for me because I have never seen the place like that before. There was many broken peace of buildings with the unique designs and I though this place is the most tourist’s attraction place.

We got to so many places and enjoyed a lot. Jordan is a wonderful place to visit with your family or your loved one. For your bookings with discounted tickets you can visit United Airlines Reservations and can easily got various packages of discounts. Have you read the whole blog? So what are you waiting for? just pack your bags and get ready for the next vacation spot this week.

A Solo Trip in Nebraska

Nebraska is famous for its farming, agricultural production, and natural attractions. So, when it comes to a place closest to nature then I will suggest Nebraska because I went to Nebraska and I got a wonderful experience over there. In my last blog, I have shared with you the story from planning to booking a ticket for Nebraska and today I will tell you the whole story when I landed in Nebraska. Want to know more about my traveling journey to Nebraska? So stay with me till the end.

Wherever you go, Just Go with All Your Heart

Whenever you go for any trip, just go with all your heart because traveling is the method to relieve stress and I love this kind of medicine more than those drugs which are available in the medical stores of any corner of any street. Doctors can do anything but they can’t make your heart happy from the inside because you have control of your own and you can only resolve your issue if you really want that.

When I Suffered from Depression

I was suffering from depression from last year and I started hating all the things surrounded by me. Even just because of taking so much stress, I started losing my friends so my mother suggests I plan for a vacation so that I can eliminate some amount of stress from my mind. I loved the suggestion of my mother and I booked my tickets for Nebraska from United Airlines Reservations and I went to Nebraska even on the next day.

When I Landed in Nebraska When I landed there I just found so many green spaces filled by so many trees and fresh air outside the airport. In my entire life, this was the only place where I found peace and amazing vibes. I booked a cab and got my luggage inside the car. The driver took me to the hotel that was too close to the airport. I was a little tired so I fell asleep as I arrived at the hotel room. When I waked up, I ordered coffee and sat down on the balcony. The view was so amazing and a group of little children was playing something near the hotel. It was evening so I decided to go outside to get a view around. I went to the market and bought some stuff like food, candies, t-shirts, and perfume and then I left for the hotel. When I reached my room I was getting bored so I made a call to my mom. I shared all thing things with my mother on the call and shown her all the things that I bought from the market. She was happy when she saw me smiling after a long time.

Got any query? Reach out to United Airlines Customer Service

Resolve Your Queries With United Airlines

Customer Service plays a vital role unuplifting an airline’s reputation. It does not matter how many amenities the airline provides or how cheap the flight tickets are, if passengers cannot get their problems solved quickly, the airline is going to drown. Thankfully, you have incredible services provided by United Airlines Book a Flight. This blog will feature everything you need to know about their services and how you can reach out to them.

Services offered by United Airlines Customer Service 

Where the airline stands againstCOVID-19

There are things changing every second.New regulations are being setting up to battle COVID-19. Its impossible to keep track of all of them. When you make reservations with United, the customer service will keep you informed about all the protocol passengers need to follow.

How social media acts as a bridgebetween passenger and airline

Get round the clock assistance by United Airlines Customer Service on how you can use social media to get solutions toyour queries. They will inform you about the right ids United so you can reach to them via twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Round the clock updates on Delays,cancelation and missed flights

United Airlines Customer Service informs all itspassengers regarding any changes in the schedule and information about delayedflights or cancelled flights.

Assistance with how to manage your bookings

You can easily manage or modify your bookingby either logging into united-airlines-reservations.com. However, sometimes either the serversare down or your internet connection is weak. In those times the customersupport can be of huge help.

Accurate Guidance on Refund Procedures

Whether you are postponing your trip to alater date, or have decided to cancel it for whatever reasons, United Airlines Customer Service bringssuch ease to the procedure, you cannot help but become a lifelong passenger with them.

Ways to connect with United Airlines Customer Service

As we all that United is experiencing high volume ofrequests at the moment because of queries regarding COVID-19. Therefore, we askyou to be while your call gets transferred to the agent. United knows how troublesome it is to call the customer service for assistance and either getdeclined or put-on hold. Therefore, United’s website, offers direct calling to the representative. Scroll to the end of the blog to get list of important numbers and links.

E-mail assistance is also a part of United Airlines Customer Service. Just drop a simple mail via http://www.united.com mentioning thedetails of your issue and rest assured the Customer Support will reach out toyou.

You can reach out to United Airlines Customer Service via their myriad of social media platforms. Connect with them on Twitter ,Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

More Information on United AirlinesCustomer Service



Customer Service


United Baggage

For USA or CANADA – 1-800-335-2247

Outside of USA or Canada– 1281 821 3256



Best Time To Dial

3:15 PM

Current Wait

26 Min

Alternative method to contact

Web, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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How I spent days at the destination full of life- Oslo

My Experience of Visiting The Picturesque Town of Oslo

Looking for a destination that has all the things is not easy at times. This time we planned for a family vacation. So, we wanted a destination which allowed all the people to enjoy themselves and none of them felt any boredom. Though there were so many options which I looked for, but after spending a lot of time online, I got the destination.

As we were more than 10 people, so I made the group bookings for the destination called “Oslo”. I read a lot about this place and found so many interesting things all of us could enjoy here.

I made the reservation in advance so that we could save a handsome amount of money on our bookings. We boarded our flight after some days of making the bookings. We had a comfortable flight and reached Oslo Airport. From the airport, we took a cab to our hotel “Thon Hotel Bristol Oslo”. This was the property which I chose to make the bookings for as it was under our budget and had the perfect location too. There are some other hotels too where one can stay. The names of those hotels are-

  • Hotel Continental Oslo
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
  • Amerikalinjen
  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo
  • Scandic Holmenkollen Park
  • The Thief
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

The elders decided to stay back at the hotel and me and my cousins left our room after having some rest. “Karl Johans gate” was the first place which we explored at this destination. Do not miss out on this place if you are the one who loves enjoying the nightlife, love to try yummy meals. Also, if you are a shopaholic there is no better place than this for you.

There were so many cafes and eateries where we had our favorite food. As we spend more time here, we enjoyed the nightlife here. Danced to the music and had drinks. It was after a long time that I and my cousins were having such an amazing time together. We spend the whole evening here and even purchased some stuff for us and our family. From here we came back to our room.

On the next day, Vigelandsparken was our first stop. This is one of the parks of Oslo which one should not miss. One of the noticeable things about this park is that all the construction etc is done by just one artist. There were such beautiful sculptures, gardens, fountains etc. All our family members spent an amazing time here and clicked pictures too.

Another place where we spent an entire day was “Bygdøy”. This was in itself such a recreational place that there was so space of boredom here. One of my friends who has been already been to Oslo asked me not to miss this place at any cost.

Here, there were many museums which were too good. Some of the museums which we explored are the Fram Museum, Norwegian museum of cultural history and Viking ship museum. Along with this, we were even involved in biking, taking a stroll around this place. Not to forget, we enjoyed volleyball too at the volleyball court.

After spending some days at this beautiful destination, we had to prepare to get back to our homes. Everyone had their own tasks and jobs to do once we reach back home. We made our reservation by United Airlines Book a Flight to get back to our homes safely and with utmost comfort. Now that we are back home, I am sure we will go on a family trip soon.

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Have Stories to Tell, Not Stuff to Show

Some people say that live your every moment of life as if it is the last moment that you are availing of. I know that as we came into this planet for spreading out so much love and happiness in any corner of this world just like that we have to go one day by taking the amazing memorable moments so just spread love and collect the memorable stories with you, not stuffs. Stuffs may break one day but the memories that is flourishing in you can never end.

Your Stories is the Real Treasure

You are like a bag in which you can put so many memories like you put stuffs in any bag but you can put the memories from one to Infinite in you. if you will really love yourself than you will get the whole world in you. I know you may be thinking that how can we put the whole world in our body so let me clear you that I already had mentioned in a title that you should collect memories, not stuffs because your memories are not less than any treasure.

Places you can Visit to get the ancient things this vacation

Today most the us love travelling in their holidays and our youth is the biggest line in a bar of travellers that is growing so fast. we are in a competition of real life in which we are running like a horse so fast but as the time passes the youth starts understanding that giving time to yourself is important as we are giving time to our professional life.

If you are a traveler and want to get some places where you can enjoy the ancient things, then I have a list of some places where you can get your desired things like Machu Picchu, Peru, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Great Wall of China, Italy, Greece, England. And if you are facing budget issue then you can check out the bookflights.us site because last time I booked my tickets from Denver to Los Angeles Flights and I got amazing discounts on it. Just visit that site and dial the toll-free number then you will get connect with the experts even at just a call and can book your discounted tickets even on call without any hurdle.

Give wings to your dreams and fly like a bird so far so that no one can cut your wings and you can easily fulfil your every goals. I am a traveler and I believe in exploring as much as I can because through this way I can eliminate so much stress easily. I love to carry my camera along with me whenever I go for a vacation so that I can capture the memorable moments.

Source URL: https://travellover112.blogspot.com/2021/07/have-stories-to-tell-not-stuff-to-show.html

“You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Travel Well”

You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Travel Well

Everyone has dream and they have their own ways to focus and to complete their target. Today everyone is on the field of any race which has no end. Every single person just wants to beat the person which is next to him/her. When it comes to me, I don’t believe in participating in any real life race because I have my different way to live my life.

The Value of Time Same as of The Money

The Value Of Time Same As Of The Money

We can earn money by doing any work but just because of the busy schedule, we start losing the precious time with our family and friends too. When someone go away from you then they can get back to you whenever they want but if we lose time then that will never come back in your life. time is very precious as money so we have to understand the value of time as we have value of money.

We are living in a planet where we have everything to enjoy but we have no time to be the part of that. If we really want to live the life with enjoyment, then we have to save some time for our self and for our family as well. All you need to do is just set the target for your dreams and take the steps towards the path of your dreams.

Life is short but the world is too wide to explore. This world has lot of things to share with you like beautiful rivers, lakes, woods, mountains, delicious food and so much beyond your thinking but most of the time we stuck while making the plan for any trip. Everyone is not able to travel well to their desired destination just because of the budget issue but on the another hand we have those who have lot of money to fulfil their every dreams.

Travel to Your Desired Destination Hassle-Free!

Travel To Your Desired Destination Hassle-Free!

You don’t need to be upset if you really want to explore the world because today we have so many platforms where we can fulfil our dreams even in our budget. As I am a travel lover and I know so much about the platforms where you can connect with the experts easily and can go to your desired destination even at pocket-friendly budget.

Last time I travelled to Chicago through Southwest International Flights and I got amazing discounts on my tickets. If you are a traveler and looking to travel to somewhere so you can check out the provided link and can give a surprise vacation to your family.

Source URL: https://travellover112.blogspot.com/2021/07/you-dont-have-to-be-rich-to-travel-well.html

The Days in Milan Fashion Week

Hello Everyone! Wishing you all a very happy day and sending lots of happiness to you and your family. In blogs you will find most of the travelling related blogs which came from my experience while travelling but today I have something special for you to share. As we all know that the youth is going on the track of fashion so fast and today it is like a craze in every single person on this planet.

What is Fashion?

Be a Fashionista

The word “Fashion” means getting the attire which is beyond to the other’s mind. I know you are still confuse that what is the thing that we can do to be a Fashionista. Fashion means to discover something new for your body from upside down whether it could be your outfits, accessories, footwear or anything that can make your body look great and different from the other person.

The Super Model “Naomi Campbell”

Naomi Campbell

If you will ask me ever about my favorite supermodel, then I will get you the name of the one and the only my favorite super model and that is “Naomi Campbell”. She is the amazing model with amazing facial features and the killer cheekbones. She has a great height with great figure and the amazing thing about her is she walks like a queen gracefully.

When I first saw her on television, I shocked by watching her walk because she walks so walk with high heels and her expression is killer while she walks. When I heard that she is about to going Milan for the fashion show, I just booked my tickets from United Airlines Reservations and packed my bags before one day on departure. I got to Italy for the first time in my life and that was happened just because of “Naomi Campbell”.

When I Entered in Milan

When I entered in Milan, I was so much excited to meet her and I was nervous as well. I got a bag in which I carried a Camera, my Tab and I diary in which I supposed to take her autograph. So, when I got to the spot where the fashion show was about to begin after 4 hours then I asked to a person who was stood on the stairs with his Camera that where I can meet with the “Naomi Campbell” then he said that you will get her at the back stage.

What I got at The Backstage

At The Backstage

I finally got to the backstage where she was sitting in front of me and having a bowl of salad while reading her magazine. I was so nervous and that was so daunting for me for facing her as she was in front of me that time and my legs started shivering literally. I was whispering her name slowly like in a murmuring sound, the she got her attention to me and she offer me to sit next to her. I take out me camera and my diary and got my steps toward her where she was sitting.

She was so humble in nature and friendly as well. I gave her my diary and she got her sign on the first page with the heart below. We had a conversion of about one and a half hour the she had to get ready for the show so I left the backstage and got to the front of the stage and took my chair on the second row where I can see her clearly. I sat there till the end of the show and had a great time with “Naomi Campbell” of course my favorite supermodel.

Source URL: https://travellover112.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-days-in-milan-fashion-week.html

Let’s Explore India with me for a First Time

Hello India, without further ado let’s get start to explore more. Basically I am from The United States of America (New York), but I have a strong desire to be a traveler so that I can explore something unique. I have travelled a lot means I have visited around 55 countries till yet but the thing that I was looking for, I didn’t get that. Actually I am a lover of nature but a lover of historical places as well so I searched on google a lot about the countries where I can get many historical places then I got a list of 4 countries in which I liked the third country which is India. Just because of financial problems I can’t visit anywhere this vacation but I must appreciate my fortune that I got a flight ticket for a vacation as a gift by my Boss. Now I am in my Dream Country and having delicious spicy food in the Taj Palace Hotel which is situated in New Delhi.

Before starting the journey to India, I read a blog which is about the 10 Tips for a Solo Trip because this time am travelling solo for the first time and I had little nervousness and hesitation as well at the same time so I read that blog so that I can get some idea for starting my journey. After spending a day in a Hotel room, I went outside the hotel and went to the airport because I asked someone in India that the place where I must have to visit here if I am a traveler so I advised me a city name which is “Jaipur”.

1-The First Thing which attracts me first in India

If you are missing something in your life and want to live your life fully then you must have to visit India at least once in your life because India have lot of unique things to share with you. the first thing that attracts me first is the beautiful colorful outfits that carry by the Indians then after that I went to the hotel and order some Indian food, so when the waiter came into my room with the delicious food I took the dishes and serve to myself on the bed. I had Chicken Korma, Bowl of Rice, 3 Chapatis means bread, and mayonnaise with salad. When I took the first bite of chicken Korma with a piece of Chapati then I felt like my mouth started burning because mostly Indians love spicy food that’s why most of the dishes contains spices here.

2- A Spicy Water Balls Inside my Mouth

As you know that I love to try uniqueness so at the evening I went to the street of Jama Masjid then at the corner of the street, I saw a man with so much stuffs which was looking like small balls. I got to him and asked him that what this thing is? Then he replied me that it’s called “Pani Puri” in India and also the favorite thing of Indians. I was excited so much then I told him to serve me one. When I got a water ball inside my mouth, it was so amazing and then taste was little spicy and sweet as well. I have never seen this kind of thing in my entire life.

3-The First Place where I have visited in Jaipur

Amber Palace or Amer Fort

Amber Palace is such a beautiful palace located in Jaipur. The first thing which attracts me first was the detailing of that palace which is so amazing and truly deserve a lot of appreciations. When I went there then finally I understood that why many foreigners love to visit India. India is a country with lots of uniqueness and people with their different cultures.

At last I want to say that if you are a traveler and looking for a destination of incredible spots then you should visit India at least once in your life because here you will get the people with many different cultures and styles. India have many festivals to celebrate with unity. The whole thing about India is just amazing. I have not visit everywhere because I have only 3 days here but I will definitely make a plan again with my family to visit India.

Source URL: https://travellover112.blogspot.com/2021/07/lets-explore-india-with-me-for-first.html

We Dream in Colors Borrowed from the Trips

Dream in Colours
Dream in Colours

Hello Everyone, hope you all are doing great! Actually I am in India right now. Yeah India means a country with a full package of uniqueness. Few days ago I was in my office and working in my cabin with a cup of hot coffee in AC. That time was a lunch time but I had lots of work to do which was pending. I was just so busy in doing my things and unaware of what is happening around me. Suddenly my boss came into my cabin and sat down on the chair which was next to me.

When my Aggressive Boss Came into my Cabin

My aggressive boss
My Aggressive Boss

Well, I must say that my boss is very rude in nature and whenever he says even a single word then you will find an aggressive person in him. That day he came to me and asked me “How is the things going?”. I was little surprised because he was looking at me with a smile which was like a monster’s smile for me but I keep calm and replied him in a polite manner.

Four Envelops with Different Colors

Envelops with Different Colors
Envelops with Different Colors

He gave me four envelops which were different in colors to each other. When I opened it up then I got to see was a card and a ticket inside the envelop and the ticket was for a trip to different countries. He asked to me for a destination where I was to visit this vacation so I told him that I want to visit India this vacation. He gave me that envelop which was for India and he said that he chooses four staffs that are working so well as comparison to others so he selected me as well in those four staffs.

When my Feelings was on The Peak of the Mountain

I was very happy and my feeling was like I am at the top of the peak of any biggest mountain. All I want to say that I can’t describe my feelings in words but still am trying to tell you how much I was happy that time. When the lunch got over all the staffs came into the office and sat down on their own spaces then Boss got to those rest three staffs and gave their tickets to them.

I Got to The Airport

When I get back to home I was very excited and told everything to my parents. After having the dinner, I stared packing my bags and got to take a cold shower for having a better sleep. Next day I wake up early and got to the airport and my tickets was from Southwest Airlines Flights that was already on their pad. I got into the plane and finally I flied for India which is like a dream destination for me.

When I Reached India

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport

When I reached India, the first shock for me was a big crowd was front of me with very different and colorful outfits on them. I was little surprise and very excited at the same time. I got out from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and book the cab from Airport to the Hotel. Indira Gandhi International Airport is the biggest and beautiful Airport with amazing interior and exterior as well which is in New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital of India and you fill also find many amazing historical buildings here with so much unique designs.

I have not explored everything in Delhi yet because I reached here yesterday. I sat in the balcony and having my tea so I thought to share my experience with you through the blog. So next time, when I will explore more beautiful places in India will share it on my next blog. So stay tuned with it.

Do those things That make you Forget to Check Your Phone

There are many things that can make you entertain in their different ways and you can include these as your hobbies in your life. when you ask someone about their hobby then most of them will tell you that they are interested in Dancing, Singing, Painting. So when it comes to me so I’ll tell you that am interested in Travelling only.

Traveling is an important part of my life because this is the only way that helps me to eliminate stress and take me to another world where happiness is the only thing that exists. Whenever I get tired of this crowded and busy world then I always plan for a vacation to that place that is closest to nature.

As you all know I am Edward Scott from New York and I complete my school from New York but I completed my graduation from Florida where my Granny lives. After graduation, I was addicted to using my phone so much and this was the only reason for me getting away from my friend circle too. One day I sat on the lawn and started thinking about myself that there is something harmful to me that am getting away day by day from the other things.

There is a Beautiful World Outside the Phone

When I asked Granny about that problem so she said that my phone is the only problem for me. I started ignoring the phone and giving time to Granny and my friend circle but that was not enough for me so I decided to choose one thing that can be my favorite hobby. Finally, I choose traveling so that I can reduce stress and I can get more life experience by traveling.

 My first trip was from Florida to Los Angeles with my friends and after that traveling became my best friend. If you are a travel lover like me and looking for a destination for you then don’t wait more because the beauty world is calling you and I must say that this beautiful planet has lots of things to share with you.

Travel Guide for Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Just plan for a dream vacation destination and give your family an amazing surprise this vacation. Now I realized that there is a world outside the phone that is so beautiful and has lots of unique things to share. If you are looking for Travel Guide for Fully Vaccinated Individuals, then visit the provided link and get your solution to your worry.

Source URL: https://travellover112.blogspot.com/2021/07/do-those-things-that-make-you-forget-to.html

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