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Have Stories to Tell, Not Stuff to Show

Some people say that live your every moment of life as if it is the last moment that you are availing of. I know that as we came into this planet for spreading out so much love and happiness in any corner of this world just like that we have to go one day by taking the amazing memorable moments so just spread love and collect the memorable stories with you, not stuffs. Stuffs may break one day but the memories that is flourishing in you can never end.

Your Stories is the Real Treasure

You are like a bag in which you can put so many memories like you put stuffs in any bag but you can put the memories from one to Infinite in you. if you will really love yourself than you will get the whole world in you. I know you may be thinking that how can we put the whole world in our body so let me clear you that I already had mentioned in a title that you should collect memories, not stuffs because your memories are not less than any treasure.

Places you can Visit to get the ancient things this vacation

Today most the us love travelling in their holidays and our youth is the biggest line in a bar of travellers that is growing so fast. we are in a competition of real life in which we are running like a horse so fast but as the time passes the youth starts understanding that giving time to yourself is important as we are giving time to our professional life.

If you are a traveler and want to get some places where you can enjoy the ancient things, then I have a list of some places where you can get your desired things like Machu Picchu, Peru, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Great Wall of China, Italy, Greece, England. And if you are facing budget issue then you can check out the site because last time I booked my tickets from Denver to Los Angeles Flights and I got amazing discounts on it. Just visit that site and dial the toll-free number then you will get connect with the experts even at just a call and can book your discounted tickets even on call without any hurdle.

Give wings to your dreams and fly like a bird so far so that no one can cut your wings and you can easily fulfil your every goals. I am a traveler and I believe in exploring as much as I can because through this way I can eliminate so much stress easily. I love to carry my camera along with me whenever I go for a vacation so that I can capture the memorable moments.

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