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How I spent days at the destination full of life- Oslo

My Experience of Visiting The Picturesque Town of Oslo

Looking for a destination that has all the things is not easy at times. This time we planned for a family vacation. So, we wanted a destination which allowed all the people to enjoy themselves and none of them felt any boredom. Though there were so many options which I looked for, but after spending a lot of time online, I got the destination.

As we were more than 10 people, so I made the group bookings for the destination called “Oslo”. I read a lot about this place and found so many interesting things all of us could enjoy here.

I made the reservation in advance so that we could save a handsome amount of money on our bookings. We boarded our flight after some days of making the bookings. We had a comfortable flight and reached Oslo Airport. From the airport, we took a cab to our hotel “Thon Hotel Bristol Oslo”. This was the property which I chose to make the bookings for as it was under our budget and had the perfect location too. There are some other hotels too where one can stay. The names of those hotels are-

  • Hotel Continental Oslo
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel
  • Amerikalinjen
  • Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Oslo
  • Scandic Holmenkollen Park
  • The Thief
  • Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

The elders decided to stay back at the hotel and me and my cousins left our room after having some rest. “Karl Johans gate” was the first place which we explored at this destination. Do not miss out on this place if you are the one who loves enjoying the nightlife, love to try yummy meals. Also, if you are a shopaholic there is no better place than this for you.

There were so many cafes and eateries where we had our favorite food. As we spend more time here, we enjoyed the nightlife here. Danced to the music and had drinks. It was after a long time that I and my cousins were having such an amazing time together. We spend the whole evening here and even purchased some stuff for us and our family. From here we came back to our room.

On the next day, Vigelandsparken was our first stop. This is one of the parks of Oslo which one should not miss. One of the noticeable things about this park is that all the construction etc is done by just one artist. There were such beautiful sculptures, gardens, fountains etc. All our family members spent an amazing time here and clicked pictures too.

Another place where we spent an entire day was “Bygdøy”. This was in itself such a recreational place that there was so space of boredom here. One of my friends who has been already been to Oslo asked me not to miss this place at any cost.

Here, there were many museums which were too good. Some of the museums which we explored are the Fram Museum, Norwegian museum of cultural history and Viking ship museum. Along with this, we were even involved in biking, taking a stroll around this place. Not to forget, we enjoyed volleyball too at the volleyball court.

After spending some days at this beautiful destination, we had to prepare to get back to our homes. Everyone had their own tasks and jobs to do once we reach back home. We made our reservation by United Airlines Book a Flight to get back to our homes safely and with utmost comfort. Now that we are back home, I am sure we will go on a family trip soon.

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