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A Solo Trip in Nebraska

Nebraska is famous for its farming, agricultural production, and natural attractions. So, when it comes to a place closest to nature then I will suggest Nebraska because I went to Nebraska and I got a wonderful experience over there. In my last blog, I have shared with you the story from planning to booking a ticket for Nebraska and today I will tell you the whole story when I landed in Nebraska. Want to know more about my traveling journey to Nebraska? So stay with me till the end.

Wherever you go, Just Go with All Your Heart

Whenever you go for any trip, just go with all your heart because traveling is the method to relieve stress and I love this kind of medicine more than those drugs which are available in the medical stores of any corner of any street. Doctors can do anything but they can’t make your heart happy from the inside because you have control of your own and you can only resolve your issue if you really want that.

When I Suffered from Depression

I was suffering from depression from last year and I started hating all the things surrounded by me. Even just because of taking so much stress, I started losing my friends so my mother suggests I plan for a vacation so that I can eliminate some amount of stress from my mind. I loved the suggestion of my mother and I booked my tickets for Nebraska from United Airlines Reservations and I went to Nebraska even on the next day.

When I Landed in Nebraska When I landed there I just found so many green spaces filled by so many trees and fresh air outside the airport. In my entire life, this was the only place where I found peace and amazing vibes. I booked a cab and got my luggage inside the car. The driver took me to the hotel that was too close to the airport. I was a little tired so I fell asleep as I arrived at the hotel room. When I waked up, I ordered coffee and sat down on the balcony. The view was so amazing and a group of little children was playing something near the hotel. It was evening so I decided to go outside to get a view around. I went to the market and bought some stuff like food, candies, t-shirts, and perfume and then I left for the hotel. When I reached my room I was getting bored so I made a call to my mom. I shared all thing things with my mother on the call and shown her all the things that I bought from the market. She was happy when she saw me smiling after a long time.


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