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A Trip to Jordan

World-class archaeological spots, incredible desert scenery, the welcoming people, the mouth-watering food and the morning rays that touch on the desert- there are so many reasons to visit Jordan. I have mentioned all the reasons that I experience by my own and what about you? So, whatever the reason is, Jordan is such a beautiful place to visit for a vacation. This is the perfect place whether you are going with your family or with your loved one.

When I went there first time, the first thing that I noticed was the archaeological sites through the road when we were going to the hotel. I was alone on the trip but like me, a guy was also traveled with me alone so when we were in the bus, I offered him snacks and then we got the amazing company. We travelled a lot together and had a lot of fun too.

I am from USA and he was from Turkey so he knows the language little bit of the local people of Jordan that’s why communicating with the local people was not the tough for both of us. He really helped me a lot in my journey.

When we went to the hotel, we noticed the design of interior and the exterior as well because the work that done on the walls was so meticulously. Not just the wall, every single things was so incredible even the dress was so unique. We were 17 strangers as tourists into the same hotel so we got to our hotel room one by one. After took a hot shower, our trip guide called us down the ladder so went there and I saw a beautiful table decorated by fruits and the mouth-watering food. The smell that came from the hall of food was so yummy.

The Amazing View of Treasury at Petra

Now it was the time to explore the beauty of Jordan and I took my camera along with me. We again got in the bus and then they took us to the treasury at Petra. The view of treasury at Petra was very unique for me because I have never seen the place like that before. There was many broken peace of buildings with the unique designs and I though this place is the most tourist’s attraction place.

We got to so many places and enjoyed a lot. Jordan is a wonderful place to visit with your family or your loved one. For your bookings with discounted tickets you can visit United Airlines Reservations and can easily got various packages of discounts. Have you read the whole blog? So what are you waiting for? just pack your bags and get ready for the next vacation spot this week.


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