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Let’s Explore India with me for a First Time

Hello India, without further ado let’s get start to explore more. Basically I am from The United States of America (New York), but I have a strong desire to be a traveler so that I can explore something unique. I have travelled a lot means I have visited around 55 countries till yet but the thing that I was looking for, I didn’t get that. Actually I am a lover of nature but a lover of historical places as well so I searched on google a lot about the countries where I can get many historical places then I got a list of 4 countries in which I liked the third country which is India. Just because of financial problems I can’t visit anywhere this vacation but I must appreciate my fortune that I got a flight ticket for a vacation as a gift by my Boss. Now I am in my Dream Country and having delicious spicy food in the Taj Palace Hotel which is situated in New Delhi.

Before starting the journey to India, I read a blog which is about the 10 Tips for a Solo Trip because this time am travelling solo for the first time and I had little nervousness and hesitation as well at the same time so I read that blog so that I can get some idea for starting my journey. After spending a day in a Hotel room, I went outside the hotel and went to the airport because I asked someone in India that the place where I must have to visit here if I am a traveler so I advised me a city name which is “Jaipur”.

1-The First Thing which attracts me first in India

If you are missing something in your life and want to live your life fully then you must have to visit India at least once in your life because India have lot of unique things to share with you. the first thing that attracts me first is the beautiful colorful outfits that carry by the Indians then after that I went to the hotel and order some Indian food, so when the waiter came into my room with the delicious food I took the dishes and serve to myself on the bed. I had Chicken Korma, Bowl of Rice, 3 Chapatis means bread, and mayonnaise with salad. When I took the first bite of chicken Korma with a piece of Chapati then I felt like my mouth started burning because mostly Indians love spicy food that’s why most of the dishes contains spices here.

2- A Spicy Water Balls Inside my Mouth

As you know that I love to try uniqueness so at the evening I went to the street of Jama Masjid then at the corner of the street, I saw a man with so much stuffs which was looking like small balls. I got to him and asked him that what this thing is? Then he replied me that it’s called “Pani Puri” in India and also the favorite thing of Indians. I was excited so much then I told him to serve me one. When I got a water ball inside my mouth, it was so amazing and then taste was little spicy and sweet as well. I have never seen this kind of thing in my entire life.

3-The First Place where I have visited in Jaipur

Amber Palace or Amer Fort

Amber Palace is such a beautiful palace located in Jaipur. The first thing which attracts me first was the detailing of that palace which is so amazing and truly deserve a lot of appreciations. When I went there then finally I understood that why many foreigners love to visit India. India is a country with lots of uniqueness and people with their different cultures.

At last I want to say that if you are a traveler and looking for a destination of incredible spots then you should visit India at least once in your life because here you will get the people with many different cultures and styles. India have many festivals to celebrate with unity. The whole thing about India is just amazing. I have not visit everywhere because I have only 3 days here but I will definitely make a plan again with my family to visit India.

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