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We Dream in Colors Borrowed from the Trips

Dream in Colours
Dream in Colours

Hello Everyone, hope you all are doing great! Actually I am in India right now. Yeah India means a country with a full package of uniqueness. Few days ago I was in my office and working in my cabin with a cup of hot coffee in AC. That time was a lunch time but I had lots of work to do which was pending. I was just so busy in doing my things and unaware of what is happening around me. Suddenly my boss came into my cabin and sat down on the chair which was next to me.

When my Aggressive Boss Came into my Cabin

My aggressive boss
My Aggressive Boss

Well, I must say that my boss is very rude in nature and whenever he says even a single word then you will find an aggressive person in him. That day he came to me and asked me “How is the things going?”. I was little surprised because he was looking at me with a smile which was like a monster’s smile for me but I keep calm and replied him in a polite manner.

Four Envelops with Different Colors

Envelops with Different Colors
Envelops with Different Colors

He gave me four envelops which were different in colors to each other. When I opened it up then I got to see was a card and a ticket inside the envelop and the ticket was for a trip to different countries. He asked to me for a destination where I was to visit this vacation so I told him that I want to visit India this vacation. He gave me that envelop which was for India and he said that he chooses four staffs that are working so well as comparison to others so he selected me as well in those four staffs.

When my Feelings was on The Peak of the Mountain

I was very happy and my feeling was like I am at the top of the peak of any biggest mountain. All I want to say that I can’t describe my feelings in words but still am trying to tell you how much I was happy that time. When the lunch got over all the staffs came into the office and sat down on their own spaces then Boss got to those rest three staffs and gave their tickets to them.

I Got to The Airport

When I get back to home I was very excited and told everything to my parents. After having the dinner, I stared packing my bags and got to take a cold shower for having a better sleep. Next day I wake up early and got to the airport and my tickets was from Southwest Airlines Flights that was already on their pad. I got into the plane and finally I flied for India which is like a dream destination for me.

When I Reached India

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport

When I reached India, the first shock for me was a big crowd was front of me with very different and colorful outfits on them. I was little surprise and very excited at the same time. I got out from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and book the cab from Airport to the Hotel. Indira Gandhi International Airport is the biggest and beautiful Airport with amazing interior and exterior as well which is in New Delhi. New Delhi is the capital of India and you fill also find many amazing historical buildings here with so much unique designs.

I have not explored everything in Delhi yet because I reached here yesterday. I sat in the balcony and having my tea so I thought to share my experience with you through the blog. So next time, when I will explore more beautiful places in India will share it on my next blog. So stay tuned with it.


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