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The Days in Milan Fashion Week

Hello Everyone! Wishing you all a very happy day and sending lots of happiness to you and your family. In blogs you will find most of the travelling related blogs which came from my experience while travelling but today I have something special for you to share. As we all know that the youth is going on the track of fashion so fast and today it is like a craze in every single person on this planet.

What is Fashion?

Be a Fashionista

The word “Fashion” means getting the attire which is beyond to the other’s mind. I know you are still confuse that what is the thing that we can do to be a Fashionista. Fashion means to discover something new for your body from upside down whether it could be your outfits, accessories, footwear or anything that can make your body look great and different from the other person.

The Super Model “Naomi Campbell”

Naomi Campbell

If you will ask me ever about my favorite supermodel, then I will get you the name of the one and the only my favorite super model and that is “Naomi Campbell”. She is the amazing model with amazing facial features and the killer cheekbones. She has a great height with great figure and the amazing thing about her is she walks like a queen gracefully.

When I first saw her on television, I shocked by watching her walk because she walks so walk with high heels and her expression is killer while she walks. When I heard that she is about to going Milan for the fashion show, I just booked my tickets from United Airlines Reservations and packed my bags before one day on departure. I got to Italy for the first time in my life and that was happened just because of “Naomi Campbell”.

When I Entered in Milan

When I entered in Milan, I was so much excited to meet her and I was nervous as well. I got a bag in which I carried a Camera, my Tab and I diary in which I supposed to take her autograph. So, when I got to the spot where the fashion show was about to begin after 4 hours then I asked to a person who was stood on the stairs with his Camera that where I can meet with the “Naomi Campbell” then he said that you will get her at the back stage.

What I got at The Backstage

At The Backstage

I finally got to the backstage where she was sitting in front of me and having a bowl of salad while reading her magazine. I was so nervous and that was so daunting for me for facing her as she was in front of me that time and my legs started shivering literally. I was whispering her name slowly like in a murmuring sound, the she got her attention to me and she offer me to sit next to her. I take out me camera and my diary and got my steps toward her where she was sitting.

She was so humble in nature and friendly as well. I gave her my diary and she got her sign on the first page with the heart below. We had a conversion of about one and a half hour the she had to get ready for the show so I left the backstage and got to the front of the stage and took my chair on the second row where I can see her clearly. I sat there till the end of the show and had a great time with “Naomi Campbell” of course my favorite supermodel.

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